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1. What sexuality are you in?

2. Are you in a relationship?

3. If yes, who is your partner?
Adam Wilke

4. If no, do you want to be in one?

5. What would you do if a person of the same gender wants to date you?
Well I'm currently in a relationship so I'd kindly turn them down

6. Do you believe in horoscopes?

7. What zodiac sign are you?

8. Are you in love?
Yes. Highly

9. How many relationships did you have?
A few. >.<;

10. Which one did you like the most?
The current

11. What are you looking for in your partner?
Honest, Kind, Willing to listen, and lots of snuggles

12. What should your partner know about you?
I love snuggling, sometimes I may need alone time, also if rather pissed, don't touch unless they wish to obtain broken bones

13. For the physics; what would/do you like in your partner?
What don't I like? Love that he has some chub, taller than me, and is a handsome cutie

14. Do you have any fetishes?
Watersports being one >.<; Don't judge me

15. Would you like to be dominate or your partner?
When it comes to it, I'm mostly sub

16. Who did you have a relationship with in the past?
Robert Hughes. The only one I consider viable

17. Do you still have contact to them?

18. If yes, how does your partner feel, if you have one?
He thinks it's wonderful I still talk to him.

19. Are you flirting a lot?
No, my flirting comes out as a hi, and I just shut up and eat.

20. Which of your past and current partners is the most similar to you?
My current.

21. Do others know that you have or had a relationship?

22. Have you had your first kiss yet?
Yes and it was awkward as fuck.

23. Are you a virgin?
Sorta. I'm going to say no because I've taken one before but no climax >.>

24. What do you like the most about your partner, if you have one?
How sweet he is.

25. Do other people know about your sexuality?
Family, close friends, and anyone I rp with on tumblr.

26. How was your first relationship?
It was nice until I learned he didn't make the connection.

27. Your first love?
Eve Christian, who is dating my brother o3o

28. Which gender were your past relationships?
Male thus far. The only one I considered an ACTUAL relationship.
Well Female too then, because I just remembered Serena. Sweet woman. Super lovable.

29. Do your parents/family members know about your love life?

30. Did someone reject you before?
Yes, as a way of breaking up, but it was elementary so for me that shit don't count.

31. Are you happy about your love life?
If I had one :|

32. Did you reject anyone?

33. Do girls or boys like you more?
Seems males like me more.

34. Does your love like you back, if you are in love?
Yes he does <3 I hope...

35. What was your cheesiest relationship?
The one I had with Robert

36. Do you often show off with your relationships?

37. Do you remember all of your relationship's anniversaries?
It has yet to come up.


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I enjoy watching anime, playing some online games, and listening to metal. I have a youtube account that shows the random videos I do.…

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